Capoeira is an incredible art form for children. Along with movement and musical skills, children are introduced to a new culture and language. Naturally kids love to move -- running, jumping, and flipping are natural parts of active, motivated, and healthy lives. Most parents do not want to take their kids to 3-4 different classes to teach them language, culture, and physicality! Training Capoeira will give your child everything that they want...all under one roof, which is suitable for you as a parent. Children who train Capoeira improve their focus, listening skills, and confidence as they learn the challenging movements of Capoeira. The lessons youth learn by participating in Capoeira will positively impact their lives at home, at school, and in their communities.


Children will learn the meaning of self-expression, and hard work, and commitment. We emphasize martial arts, dance, acrobatics, music, Brazilian Portuguese, and we teach using games and exercises that are engaging and developmentally appropriate for your child’s age. Our goal is to help your child learn more about the world they live in, while practicing discipline in a safe environment. We strongly believe in using play as a medium for learning. When a child is laughing, smiling and positive, they have the greatest potential to absorb and integrate new concepts; and above all, have respect for each other.

Our Capoeira Kids program consists of 3 levels:

  • LEVEL ONE (ages 2 to 4) This level introduces capoeira through games, rhythmic play, tumbling, simple capoeira songs in Portuguese with instruments. Learning a discipline such as capoeira at an early age helps improve coordination and motor skills.

  • LEVEL TWO (ages 5-8) In this level children; we build on the basics and combine various acrobatic and martial arts movement. Singing and instruments continue to play a vital role in Level Two. Working with partners and groups increases collaboration and trust.

  • LEVEL THREE (ages 9-12). In this level, we challenge youth with more advanced skills. In addition to learning skills, we focus on technique and the use of Capoeira terminology. Level Three participants explore the rich culture of Brazil, home to Capoeira, and build confidence by participating in live performances.