General Class Information

Students of all levels, ages, and sizes are welcome to enjoy the dance, martial arts, music, and culture of Capoeira, here at Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho da Topazio. There is no part of the body or spirit that doesn't get a workout; and the health benefits - including increased cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, agility, mobility, coordination, and strength - are never-ending.

Membership & Rates

  • There is an annual enrollment cost of $25

  • There is a 1-time new uniform cost of $70 (required within 10 days of your 1st class)

  • Family Discounts include: 2nd Student 10% off, 3rd Student 15% off, 4th Student 20% off

  • 10% discount for LVCC members

  • First class free for new students

  • 1x/wk @ $65/mth

  • 2x/wk @ $95/mth

  • 3x/wk @$125mth

  • 5 Class Punch Card; $90 (use for 1mn)

  • 10 Class Punch Card; $175 (use for 2mn)

  • Drop-ins: $20 per class

  • Cancellation Policy: in the event you no longer wish to attend classes, one months notice is required to avoid an early-cancellation fee of $150

  • Every member needs to sign the Las Vegas Circus Center Liability waiver