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The community at Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho da Topazio is strong. When possible, we help those who may not have all of the access to resources that they might need. Donations are one way to help us not have to turn anyone away.






Instructor Bio

  • Early Life

  • BORN

    Wellington Lima, also known as Palhaçada was born in Recife Pernambuco, Brazil.

  • 1990

    Despite slim resources, he found Capoeira, gymnastics, and trampoline to be a consistent outlet for expressing himself.

  • Teens

  • 1997

    When he was about 17, Palhaçada claimed the prize Brazilian National Champion in the trampoline.

  • 1998

    He soon begin to work for Cirque Du Soleil (La Nouba in Orlando FL) as the acrobatic character Red Pierrot.

  • Cirque

  • 2005-2013

    He joined the traveling show Dralion, traveled to more then 20 countries performing, and moved to Las Vegas to perform Vival Elvis.

  • 2016-NOW

    Wellington currently performs in Michael Jackson One

  • Teacher

  • 2016-NOW

    Palhaçada's roots began in capoeira, and he enjoys sharing both his experience and his gift of teaching with others.

“My children have been doing Capoeira with Professor Palhacada for 3 years now he is fun, patient kind and creates foundational values with his students. Also I have a child with special needs and he is welcomed and thriving in Capoeira.”

“Capoeira is great for kids!! My son is in this class and he has learned so much about music, dance, culture, language, gymnastics, respect, and self-defense.”